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    The Political Canker Sore that Just Won’t Go Away

    (Chuck Muth) – Steven Silberkraus is a disgraced former GOP state assemblyman who stabbed Republicans and taxpayers...

  • Nevada
    Setting the Record Straight on Hafen’s “Fake News” Opponent

    (Dr. Robin Titus) – I am writing this letter on behalf of your current Assemblyman Gregory Hafen II. I wanted to make sure the voters in Assembly District 36 fully understood how strong of a conservative record he compiled. Additionally, I wanted to set the record straight on the falsehoods being spread...

  • Nevada
    Interview with Jim Shirk

    (News & Views Staff) – The following is an interview with Jim Shirk, candidate for Carson City (NV) mayor… When you are elected, how are you going to deal with the revenue shortfall due to COVID? What is next after the current cuts that have been made? Due to the virus sales...

  • Nevada
    Honest is as Honest Does

    (Dan Schinhofen) – One good thing that has come out of this “Crisis” is that the campaign...

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Conserva-Cruise News: Oh, Vanna!

(Chuck Muth) – The brank-spanking new Carnival Panorama is on its inaugural passenger cruise voyage as we...

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Nevada’s July gaming numbers show positive trend

The Center SquareSeptember 11, 2020
Featured Article

Nevada’s COVID-19 task force probes risk of transmission across the state

The Center SquareSeptember 10, 2020

India Triples Down on Sugar Subsidies

NN&V StaffSeptember 9, 2020
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BLM to roundup 1,200 wild horses off Nevada range

The Center SquareSeptember 9, 2020
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Nevada promotes rural areas as tourism plummets in Las Vegas

The Center SquareSeptember 8, 2020
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Nevada governor issues extension for state’s eviction moratorium

The Center SquareSeptember 7, 2020
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Sickening: Sisolak Fundraising Off Coronavirus Crisis

NN&V StaffSeptember 5, 2020
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Nevada’s unemployment claims decline to mid-March levels

The Center SquareSeptember 5, 2020
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Nevada applying for federal Lost Wages Assistance program

The Center SquareSeptember 4, 2020
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Sisolak’s Systemic Incompetence at DETR Now on Full Display

NN&V StaffSeptember 3, 2020
Featured Article

Nevada sees a downward trend in COVID-19 cases

The Center SquareSeptember 3, 2020
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Nevada governor denies Secretary of State’s push for ballot harvesting regulations

The Center SquareSeptember 2, 2020